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Homemade Cloth Wipes

on July 11, 2011

Another thing that cloth diapering moms and dads use is cloth wipes. These are used just like the disposable kind, except that you wash them with your diapers instead of throwing them in the trash.

Cloth Baby Wipes made from Terry cloth

They are another way of saving a couple hundred dollars, and since you can control what you put on them, they are good for your baby’s skin. Some baby’s  don’t do well with the harsh soaps and things that are put on the disposable wipes.  So, if your baby has sensitive skin, you should think about using cloth wipes as an alternative.

You can buy cloth wipes online. Many work at home moms make adorable wipes in many different patterns. If you would like to make your own, however, you may be able to get away with it for free!

What you Need:

Fabric or Fabric Scraps

          – Flannel (i made mine with flannel I bought from the fabric store, and an old pair of pajamas)

          – Micro Fleece

          – Terry Cloth (you can use an old towel)

          – Velour

          – Sherpa

          – Hemp Fleece

*  (avoid normal fleece and woven fabrics because these do not work well for wiping)



There are three different ways to make cloth wipes. What you do depends on your comfort level with sewing. First you should decide what size you want the wipes to be. Popular sizes are 4×8 and 8×8, but you can make them any size you want. A good way to make sure they are all the same size is to make a template out of card stock, (I used an old file folder) and trace the template onto the fabric. Then you are ready to sew!

EASY: (Single layer)

With 1 layer of the chosen fabric, serge around the edge. Or, if you don’t have a serger, you can use a normal zig-zag pattern to go around. This will make sure the fabric doesn’t fray when you wash it.

MEDIUM: (double layer)

This uses two piece of fabric. You can make one side a different fabric from the other.

All that you do is place the “Wrong sides” together. (the wrong sides are the sides you don’t want to see), The “right sides” should be facing out. Then you serge or zig-zag around the edge.

This is a double sided wipe that I made of flannel.

Harder: (alternate double layer)

I don’t want to say this one is too much harder, because in some ways, it’s quicker than the others because you don’t have to worry about zig-zaging

You start off with two pieces of fabric  except cut them a 1/2 and inch larger for a seam allowance. So if you are doing 8×8 they will be cut 8 1/2 x 8 1/2.

Place them “right sides” together. So it will look like both bad sides are facing out.

do a single stitch around the edge, but stop an inch or two short of where you started making an opening.

Trim the corners of the extra fabric, otherwise it will be bulky in the corners.

Use the opening to turn the wipe right side out.

Stitch along the opening to close it. You may go all the way around the wipe again to make it look finished, or you can leave it

Turned out Wipe. I made these out of old pajamas

I completed this one too. I didn’t stitch all the way around because I was feeling lazy and I didn’t care lol. I also didn’t change the thread color to match the fabric, so you can see the black thread stitching I used to close the opening.

You can store these wipes in an old disposable wipe container either dry, or saturated with your homemade cloth wipe solution.

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2 responses to “Homemade Cloth Wipes

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I really need to learn how to sew. I would like to make my own wipes and diapers. Can you tell I’m addicted to cloth? Lol

  2. ftmom says:

    It is addicting! You don’t really need to sew the cloth wipes if you don’t want to. If its flannel, it will fray a little bit for a few washes and then stop.

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